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As you already noticed we are Brothers, Michalak Brothers. Our Agency was founded in 2013 matching love to volleyball and business background, but starting from very beginning… Our whole lives have been concentrated on volleyball as our father is a former professional player and coach. Both of us were professional volleyball players playing in Poland and Italy.

Our sport careers and working in the international trade for Polish, Dutch and Italian stock exchange companies developed our business knowledge. Many travels accross the world that we've been through built good basic experience for the future. During this period Jakub graduated the faculty of European Law, which completed his Business Studies taken in Poland and Italy (Universita Roma Tre).


Together with our partner and friend Nisse Huttunen ( and some other reliable, trustfull and honest agents we’ve built strong world wide network, which gives the highest world-class services to our clients. We work with leagues starting with Japan, Far and Middle East, South America and of course Europe. Our references are always made by our clients who need to be secured, well managed and should have been focused only on volleyball.

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